NBCU Launch Announces Its Casting Assistants For The 2022-23 Talent And Casting Assistant Program

NBCU Launch, NBC Universal‘s brand for the company’s diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives for its entertainment television portfolio, has announced Whitney Baugh and Miah Giavonni Harris as its casting assistants for its 2022-23 Talent & Casting Assistant Program.

The Talent & Casting Assistant Program is part of NBC Universal‘s focus on expanding opportunities for minorities. The program aims to create “a pipeline for diverse casting professionals in scripted and unscripted programming.” Baugh and Harris will spend 10 months in the paid program.

Baugh and Harris will spend the first half of their time in the program working with NBCU’s internal Talent and Casting departments for both scripted and unscripted programming. Baugh will support Grace Wu, Executive Vice President of Entertainment Casting and Tomii Crump, Senior Vice President of Talent and Casting, and the Entertainment Network Group team. Harris will work with Steven O’Neill, Executive Vice President of Casting, UCP, Christine Cowan, Vice President of Talent and Casting at the Universal Television Alternative Studio and the Universal Studio Group.

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